Q: Who can become a member?

A: Any person employed in a support staff position by Texas A&M or related agency are eligible for membership.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: The annual Membership Drive starts in January and memberships are valid for one calendar year. However, you can join at any time.

Q: How much is the annual membership dues?

A: Dues are $20.00 annually.

Q: Where can I find the membership form?

A: The membership form is conveniently available here or you can go to the Join tab.

Q: How do I become a board member?

A: Any Texas A&M University support staff employee, who has been an active member of TAPSS for at least six months, may be considered for an elected position.

Q: How do I subscribe to the TAPSS listserv?

A: To subscribe you may visit the TAPSS website and fill out the information on the left hand navigation bar, Join Our Mailing List.

Q: Who should join TAPSS?

A: We recommend that Texas A&M staff in any support role join TAPSS.

Q: What are the benefits to joining TAPSS?

A: Joining TAPSS provides you the opportunity to network with other support staff at Texas A&M. You will make connections with professionals across all departments and a variety of agencies within the A&M System. Through our upcoming quarterly educational programs, you will improve your professional knowledge and increase your potential. In some cases you might find mentors that can assist you when you need varying levels of expertise.

Q: Who can participate in the annual conference?

A: Anyone can participate in the annual conference; you do not have to be an employee of Texas A&M University to participate.